Powers Church near Metz, Indiana.

An abandoned schoolhouse in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Snow dusts a long-forgotten kitchen in Baca County, Colorado.

A Vista Dome Car long without passengers in Canon City, Colorado.

School's out in Sedgwick, Colorado.

Beverly eats dinner outside a prairie truck stop.

A farm in Steuben County, Indiana.

Along Route 66 in Arizona.

Fracking comes to the Pawnee Buttes.

A flipped Oldsmobile above Colorado's lowest point, on the Arikaree River near the Kansas border.

Gettin' that pollen off a Rocky Mountain beeplant near Crestone, Colorado.

Courthouse and Jail Rocks, landmarks along the Oregon Trail in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Another day gone in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Moonrise over Yuma County, Colorado.

Cruisin' the strip in Alamosa.

Outside San Diego.

A winter storm rolls eastward from Chimney Rock, a landmark on the Oregon Trail in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Obsolete grandiosity in Sedgwick, Colorado.

Beverly chases away the cold on a hike in the Pawnee Grasslands.

Tire storage in Las Animas County, Colorado.


Breeze tussles the window shades in northeast Colorado.

Nobody's home in southeast Wyoming.

An early spring day nearly Simla, Colorado.

A piano in serious need of tuning near Simla, Colorado.

Returning to the earth near Vale, Oregon.


Descending the Chalk Bluffs north of Sterling, Colorado.


Midsummer thistle on the Peetz Table, near the Wyoming border.