A white-hot real estate market may be cooling to only red-hot. From the Littleton Independent

Lacy Franks and her 8-year-old sausagehound Pepper in front of their townhome. Franks bought the home last year with savings she originally intended to spend on medical schoo...

Life can be tough for those subject to the whims of the Denver rental market. From the Littleton Independent.

Mary Ann Parker wants to move from Commerce City to be closer to her newborn granddaughter in Castle Rock, but a white-hot rental market has left her discourage...

Meet the families who settled the Denver area. From the Littleton Independent

Mollie Sanford in 1857.

The history of the Denver area is sometimes thought of in broad strokes — before this time there was one of black and white, cowboys and miners, bonnets and butter chu...

Littleton is home to a remarkable school where blind people learn they're little different from anyone else. From the Littleton Independent

Julie Deden, the center's director, shows how "cane travel" students memorize models of local places - in this case, the parking...

As the Denver area expands, old-timers can face hard choices. From the Littleton Independent

George and Donna Franz's home on South Santa Fe Drive is likely to be torn down if a rezoning request is approved. George and Donna, who did not want their picture taken, said...

Looking at short-term versus long-term trends reveals different realities of local crime. From the Littleton Independent

Littleton's Neighborhood Resource Manager Mark Barons shows the city map he uses to monitor crime reports to develop a better picture of where to a...

Study reveals city of good schools and amenities, but increasingly hard to buy into. The first of my growth and development stories. From the Littleton Independent

Littleton home prices are through the roof, far outpacing income growth.

As Yogi Berra once said, “nobody...

Summer brings crime, and sometimes seemingly all at once. From the Littleton Independent

Two armed confrontations. An officer hit with an allegedly stolen car. Two officer-involved shootings. A suspect dead and two more on the loose. An officer missing overseas.


Cottage food producers spread jam and joy as they sell their wares. From the Littleton Independent

Diego Hernandez reigns over his kingdom of fruits at the O'Toole's Farmers Market.

 Joanne Littau seems to float as she works, blending strawberries and rhubarb with pect...

An invasive beetle is decimating gardens across the Front Range, and there's no magic bullet to deal with it. From Colorado Community Media

Japanese beetles have descended on Front Range landscapes, and annual spawning frenzies send waves of frantic gardeners in searc...

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